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Would you like a more fulfilling life?

Welcome to the Ascension Center for Higher Consciousness (formerly Your authentic Self Hypnotherapy Inc.)

If you have been to my site before you will notice that the look and feel has changed and, in fact, it has a whole new name!

Let me offer an explanation.

When the pandemic hit, I had plenty of time to dig deeper into topics that have always been an interest of mine like remote viewing, non locality, the nature of time and space, the use of frequencies for healing, the science behind psychic development, quantum physics and quantum mechanics and ancient wisdom teachings. 

I started to realize that while hypnotherapy allows us to tap into our own subconscious mind, as well as into the collective consciousness and the Source, there are also many other latent talents and abilities that humans possess that we are only now beginning to understand. So, my husband and I opened the Ascension Center with the intention of it being a place where people could get training, resources and tools to help them develop these abilities and skills.

Because Hypnotherapy was my first love, I am continuing to offer Hypnotherapy services as well as Hypnotherapy Certification training. We also offer courses in using non-locality. You can access our trainings and products here.

So why consider doing Hypnotherapy?     


  • You’re feeling frustrated.

  • You feel as though you have been dealing with the same issue forever.

  • You know logically what it is you should be doing or want to be doing but it's as though some other part of you sabotages your efforts and you just can't get those changes off the ground.

  • You wonder if there is something else going on that you need to understand but you can't put your finger on what it is.

  • You’re feeling at the end of your rope.

  • You’re struggling with something that’s difficult to talk about.

  • You wish that you had an open-minded, nonjudgmental, neutral person that you could unload to.

  • And Oh! it would be great if that neutral person could also help you do something to resolve your problem!


I’m Linda Campbell and I have been  a Registered Clinical Counseling Hypnotherapist since 1999

I have helped literally thousands of people with a variety of goals such as anxiety, depression, weight loss, smoking cessation, sleep issues, grief and loss, sexual dysfunction, relationship issues, pain management, performance anxiety, and much, much more.


My focus is on understanding and addressing the cause of your symptoms- not just suggesting them away. I offer personalized, client centered sessions that get to the core of what is going on. This is done without you having to relive any past events. I always start with a no obligation, free consultation so we can chat about your goal and see if it is a fit to work together. I do not take on clients that I don't think I can help, that lack motivation, or that are not open to looking at the cause of their symptoms.


We would be a great fit if:

·         you are motivated and excited about improving yourself

·         you’re looking for an effective way to accomplish your goals

·         you’re open to looking deep within yourself

·         you want a caring, empathetic, curious and supportive guide on your journey of personal growth

·         you understand that this is a therapeutic process and not a one-session miracle cure. 

·         you are willing to address and resolve whatever shows up over the course of our work together


I offer Hypnotherapy to help you get past your blocks and live your fullest, richest, and most meaningful life!


Contact me now for a free consultation. There is no obligation to go ahead with sessions but let’s start with a chat and see if we are a fit.

As heard on The Zone 91.3 and CFAX 1070 am

hypnotherapy Victoria BC
hypnotherapy victoria BC
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