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Welcome to Your Authentic Self Hypnotherapy

(Part of The Ascension Center for Higher Consciousness)!

If you've visited our site before, you may notice some changes in its look and feel. In fact, we have an entirely new name now, and I'd like to share the reasons behind this transformation.

I believe that your subconscious is your superpower. By accessing the subconscious, we can unlock the potential to change habits, beliefs, and responses to old traumas. It is through the power of the subconscious that we gain insight, clarity, and make significant changes in our lives. This is the core focus of Your Authentic Self—I help individuals access their own subconscious to move forward more easily and achieve their goals.

But the subconscious holds even more extraordinary abilities. It allows us to tap into information from the Source, develop a photographic memory, engage in telepathy, and perform psychometry, to name just a few of the latent talents we all possess. This is where the Ascension Center comes into play. We offer a range of courses and products designed to help our members and students tap into and utilize the hidden resources of the subconscious. Our goal is to empower you to fully access and utilize the infinite potential of your subconscious mind. 

Now, let's explore why you should consider hypnotherapy.

Do you find yourself feeling frustrated and stuck? Have you been grappling with the same issue for what feels like an eternity? You know logically what you should be doing or want to achieve, but there's a part of you that seems to sabotage your efforts, preventing meaningful change?

Perhaps there's something deeper at play—an underlying mystery that eludes your understanding. Or you're at the end of your rope, struggling with a difficult topic you can't easily discuss. Maybe you  yearn for an open-minded, nonjudgmental, neutral person who can lend a listening ear and offer guidance to resolve your problems.

That's where I come in.

I'm Linda Sevilla (Campbell), a Registered Clinical Counseling Hypnotherapist with over two decades of experience. Throughout my career, I've assisted thousands of individuals in overcoming anxiety, depression, weight loss challenges, smoking cessation, sleep issues, grief and loss, sexual dysfunction, relationship concerns, pain management, performance anxiety, and much more.

My approach focuses on comprehending and addressing the root cause of your symptoms, not merely suggesting them away. Through personalized, client-centered sessions, we delve into the core of what's truly happening within you. And the best part? You won't have to relive any painful past events to experience profound transformation.

To begin, I offer a free, no-obligation consultation. This allows us to discuss your goals and determine if we're a good fit to work together. I only accept clients who demonstrate motivation, openness to self-exploration, and a willingness to tackle the underlying causes of their symptoms. Ideal clients are not only open-minded and open to exploring wherever the therapy takes us, but they are also curious and teachable. They embrace new insights and perspectives, ready to learn and grow.

If you're ready to embark on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery, we would be a perfect match. If you seek improvement and are excited about transforming yourself and are searching for an effective approach to achieve your goals, you are my ideal client!  If you're open to delving deep within yourself and crave a caring, empathetic, curious, and supportive guide, look no further. 

If you understand that this is an ongoing therapeutic process, not an instant miracle cure, then we are an awesome fit!

I offer hypnotherapy to help you break free from your limitations and embrace your fullest, most meaningful life. Your blocks will be overcome, and your potential unleashed.

Book a free consultation. There is no obligation to proceed with sessions, but let's begin with a conversation and see if we're the right fit to embark on this transformative journey together.

Please note that all consultations and sessions are conducted in English and via Zoom.




 I wanted to thank you. When I first came to see you I was so afraid to ask for help because of fear of being institutionalized again. I believed I had a list of disorders that could not be cured. I was having flashbacks and panic attacks so terrifying and out of control it was frightening for my whole family.


But you were the first person I knew I could trust because you proved it to me. You were the first person I have experienced empathy and compassion from when it came to my mental health.


After just a few sessions the screaming and cowering panic attacks were under control. You also helped me to realize that there is nothing wrong with me, no lifelong disorders or labels, just normal reactions to life’s situations, and that gave me a lot of hope. You are an authentic, compassionate and very smart woman, and I believe the world needs more people like you. You’ve inspired me to make a change in the system.

Thank you for giving me hope when I felt the end for me was near. I know now that my end is far off, I have a purpose now, and with my experiences in mind I can make a difference. (S. Victoria. PTSD)

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