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Want to have a healthier relationship with food?

Hypnosis for weight loss is not about going on a diet, starving yourself, depriving yourself, or having to count your calories or points.

It has been proven that only 1% of people who go on a diet actually take the weight off and keep it off for any significant period of time. When using hypnosis for weight loss, not only does the weight come off but it stays off! The reason why hypnosis for weight loss is so effective is because it doesn't just address the behavioral aspect but it also addresses any underlying causes for why people are putting on or keeping on weight.


Most people who come to see me with weight issues know more than the average person about diet, nutrition and exercise. However, they find it difficult to maintain momentum when it comes to following healthier patterns of behavior. This is because the “knowing” is located in the conscious mind---which represents only 5-10% of the potential mind power. If the Subconscious (SC) mind (the other 90-95%) has a different belief, desire or agenda, it eventually wins out over the logical conscious mind.


With hypnosis for weight loss, I can express to the SC what the Conscious already understands, meaning that all 100% of the mind will be operating according to the same agenda.

The process

 Free consultation: We discuss your relationship to food and your body, history with dieting, which behaviors you would like to change as well as any theories you  may have for why you are hanging onto weight . We discuss any past history that may be related to carrying weight.   We will also discuss Hypnotherapy for weight loss and I will be assessing you to get a sense of the correct approach to ensure your success with this tool.


Personalized sessions --based on our conversation:

Every person is unique and I do not take a one size fits all approach to working on weight loss. Instead the session I create for you take into consideration your habits, history, goals, associations with food and weight and whatever else will make the sessions successful.


Issues I cover may include:

  • Addressing associations you may have on a subconscious level- the subconscious works by association. So, for example, if you have a positive association with food because your subconscious has linked it with feeling good, you might turn to food to deal with uncomfortable emotions. We will work on identifying and addressing any associations that are keeping you from being the version of yourself you want to be.

  • being motivated to exercise or exercising despite lack of motivation

  • being drawn towards healthier food options

  • limiting or avoiding unhealthy food options

  • being aware of signals from the body so as not to overdo it with food

  • being aware of what is prompting you to eat and eating only to meet the hunger needs of the body

  • meeting emotional needs and managing stress in healthy ways

  • eating consciously, being mindful, slowing down with food

When doing hypnosis for weight loss, often I need to look at the reasons you may have, on a subconscious level, for hanging onto their weight. For example, a woman may hang on to extra weight when she has a history of unwanted sexual attention as a way of preventing such things from occurring again. Or a person may hang onto extra weight after having been teased as a kid as a way of appearing larger and therefore more intimidating. A client who has witnessed someone getting very thin while ill or dying may have a SC belief that weight loss is someone going to lead to illness or death and will keep heavy as a way to keep “healthy”.


So, in session number one, I do what I refer to as a "tweak" – – this is a suggestion to the subconscious mind that whatever it is we need to know or understand to help you to achieve the goal more readily will come to mind.

So, sometimes you will begin to get insight, clarity or new ways of looking at your goal and those things help to form the direction we take in subsequent sessions.


NOTE: It is important to understand that the SC is ILLOGICAL therefore the reason for hanging onto weight does not need to make sense logically. The SC also has no concept of past, present or future—this means that the client may, on a SC level, be responding to past events as though they were still present despite ‘knowing better” or having “worked through” a past event consciously. Because the SC can prevent someone from taking weight off based on these fears and beliefs, if my clients are not progressing within 2 or 3 sessions, I move on to finding out more directly why they are stuck. Because of this, I have a very high success rate with clients when it comes to weight reduction using hypnosis, as I am working not only from the behavioral angle but am also addressing whatever deeper, underlying issues may exist.

Sound good? Schedule a free consultation and let's get started!

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