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What to Expect

Free consultation
  • We meet. We chat. 

  • You check me out--Rapport is essential if hypnosis is going to work and so I want you to get a sense of if I am a "fit" for you. If not, I can provide you names of other Hypnotherapists who may be a better match 

  • I  check you out -- I get great results with my clients because I take on only people who I KNOW I can help. I am looking for clients who are motivated to achieve their goals, willing to look within, willing to go wherever the therapy takes us and willing to explore the origins of their symptoms. These are the clients who get the best results. Lacking these traits will likely lead to my decision to not work together

  • I take a thorough history of events that could be contributing to your challenge. I will be asking you what the issue is, when it began for you, what was going on in your life leading up to or prior to the time of your symptoms beginning. I will ask your theories as to what is responsible for your symptoms. I do not simply suggest symptoms away as is this ineffective.  This is THERAPY we are doing, so it is essential that you be willing to discuss your life experiences so we can determine the cause of your challenges. 

  • I  pay  attention to your  language, motivation, belief system, history and  personality so that I can create hypnosis sessions that would be relevant, effective and meaningful for you.

  •  I will let you know whether I feel I can help you.

  • I will tell you the strategy that I have in mind for helping you.


I find that most clients leave the consultation feeling excited and hopeful about the work we will do together.

However, if you decide not to go ahead with session, I do not strong arm anyone into my chair!


In the first session:

  • I take a bit longer to make sure you are in hypnosis, and to prove it to you, before I move on to working on your goal. This is to ensure you won't undo the work we are doing by questioning if you are really in hypnosis.

  • I typically do all of the work for you in the first session. I like you to have a no pressure first session. This means I choose the method of hypnosis that would work best for you, take time to get you into a hypnotic state, deliver the "hypnotic argument" , address relevant history that is contributing to your challenge, prompt your subconscious mind for further insight, give you suggestions relevant to your goal,  manage your depth the entire time , bring you out of hypnosis and debrief with you.

  • Your job is easy--- you just have to show up!

Second session and beyond:

I am a client centered hypnotherapist which means I adjust what I do in hypnosis to your style, need, progress and goals. So, where we go in a second session (and beyond) is dependent upon what happens during and after the previous sessions. 

I might address new insights, dreams or memories that arise. I might uncover the cause of symptoms and then  address the cause. I might reinforce work done in previous sessions. I might prompt for more clarity around the goal. I might do inner child work or help you to process previous events so they no longer have a negative impact on you.

What I WON'T do is take you back to relive traumatic events as this is not necessary.

I am solution and goal oriented which means I won't waste your time not getting results. If you do not have some obvious progress within 2-3 sessions, we will be doing deeper work to see what else needs to be addressed. You are asked to understand that this work is a bit like peeling an onion. It is not a one session miracle. My ideal client is one who is motivated to achieve their goal and willing to go wherever the therapy directs.


The Hypnosis

People will respond to hypnosis differently. For some it feels like they are basically sitting there with their eyes closed. This is the case for people who are more analytical in nature. Others will feel some interesting sensations like heaviness or "spaciness". Others will feel like they have had moments of dropping off to sleep.


However, it is important to remember that how "deep" you are is irrelevant. Depth is not necessary for effective hypnosis and can, in fact, impede the process. What matters is that what I am saying to you is relevant and useful. This is why  ensure I know what you want be doing a thorough consultation before we work together.  I will ensure you are in a suitable hypnotic state to take in the hypnotic argument I offer and to create the results you want.


People sometimes wonder if they will be talking in hypnosis. That really depends.  It is dependent upon your preference and the technique we are using. Sometimes it is necessary for us to trace back where an issue stems from in which case I give you the option of talking during the session or afterwards. On other occasions you have very little to do as I will be guiding the session.

People sometimes wonder if they will hear me or if they will remember what occurs during a session. Hypnosis is not sleep or unconsciousness. You will be aware of what is happening and, in fact, will be able to reject suggestions if you don't feel they are suitable. You are in control at all times while in hypnosis. 



Some people respond to hypnosis right away.

Others respond to some of the suggestions but some areas of their goal need more attention. Others feel like they are not responding but they are having insights that help us to identify other areas related to their goal that we need to address.

It's hard to predict exactly what will occur after a session---but part of the fun is observing how your subconscious chooses to apply the suggestions and how it delivers additional insights to move you forward with your goal.



If after a few sessions you are not getting noticeable results, I move on to finding out why not. Sometimes there is a subconscious reason why a person is stuck and at this point we will do some deeper work to identify what that is.

I never take a person back to relive any traumas but instead help you to understand how past experiences are still impacting on you



If you notice your results "fading" that's when you should call and re-book. It may be just one more session to get you back on track.

Most people will get permanent results within 4-8 sessions. Some people require follow up whereas others will notice that their results are permanent. 

I suggest that before you book the consultation, you check out the information on this page to get a better sense of what to expect and to determine if we are a good match.

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