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Give up smoking -- one last time!


Most people who come to see me to quit smoking have tried several other means to quit including medical interventions, laser, the patch, nicotine gum and cold turkey. Some of my clients have told me things like “Quitting smoking is EASY! I have done that 100 times!” while others say they have had little success with quitting smoking for any length of time at all.


Thankfully Hypnotherapy can help anyone who truly wants help to quit smoking.


A 2004 article by Gary R. Elkins and M. Hasan Rajab in ‘The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis reported the results of a 3-session workshop. 81% acknowledged that they had completely ceased smoking immediately following the workshop. Twelve months later, 48% reported that had never smoked at all following the workshop. Maybe not perfect. But this was only three sessions. And these smoking cessation sessions would have been conducted with an entire group of participants instead of one on one, as mine are conducted. This means that there would not have been the personalizing of suggestions and hypnotic technique to suite the client that you receive working with me on an individual level.


The Process:

I begin with a free consultation . We discuss  :

  • your history with smoking

  • what you have done to quit smoking before

  • the messages you were exposed to about smoking growing up

  • the amount of support you have in your life to quit smoking

  • what some of your smoking triggers are

  • any theories you may have for why you smoke

  • Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation


I will be assessing you to get a sense of the correct approach to ensure your success using hypnosis to stop smoking.


I then  personalize the hypnosis for smoking cessation sessions for you based on our conversation.

Issues I cover may include:

  • Tools for managing stress, boredom, transition or any other smoking triggers

  • Having excellent will power and self control

  • Updating any subconscious beliefs that you may still hold within about smoking

  • Not experiencing any withdrawal symptoms

  • Not substituting for any other unhealthy behavior (such as overeating)

  • Any subconscious belief, fear or expectation that is causing you to maintain smoking.


You sessions with me will be personalized to cover anything specific to your situation that needs to be addressed in order for you to stop smoking, for good.

For example, a man I worked with started smoking after accidentally shooting a friend of his while they were hunting. His smoking started because he felt so guilty that he was essentially trying to kill himself. My client was unaware consciously that this is why he started smoking. By working through the belief that he deserved to die, we were able to not only eliminate his smoking but help him to take off weight and move out of a stressful career as well! Another client discovered in hypnosis that she was smoking to spite a father who had, 40 years earlier, made her eat a cigarette when he caught her smoking as a teen.


NOTE: It is important to understand that the SC is ILLOGICAL therefore the reason for hanging onto smoking does not need to make sense logically. The SC also has no concept of past, present or future—this means that the client may, on a SC level, be responding to past events as though they were still present despite ‘knowing better” or having “worked through” a past event consciously. A person can even be responding to old outdated beliefs about smoking such as “smoking makes me feel more mature” or “smoking is cool” because those beliefs do not get updated within the SC mind.


Because the SC can prevent someone from giving up smoking based on these fears and beliefs, if my clients are not progressing within 2 or 3 sessions, I move on to finding out why they are stuck. Because of this, I have a very high success rate with clients when it comes to helping them quit smoking because I am working not only from the behavioral angle but am also addressing whatever deeper, underlying issues may exist.

Typically my clients are happy non smokers after 5 or 6 sessions of hypnosis although sometimes follow up sessions may be useful.

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