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Break Free from Smoking Once and For All!


Are you tired of trying countless methods to quit smoking without success? Have you attempted medical interventions, patches, gum, and cold turkey, only to find yourself back to smoking time and again? It's time to discover the power of hypnotherapy and experience a personalized approach to quitting smoking for good.

In my practice, I specialize in helping individuals like you overcome their smoking addiction through client-centered hypnotherapy. Unlike other generic approaches, my sessions are tailored to your specific needs and symptoms, ensuring a higher chance of success. Together, we will explore the underlying reasons for your smoking habit and develop a personalized strategy for breaking free.


Research has shown the effectiveness of hypnotherapy in smoking cessation. In a study conducted by Gary R. Elkins and M. Hasan Rajab, a three-session workshop resulted in an astounding 81% of participants completely ceasing smoking immediately. Even more impressively, after twelve months, 48% reported never smoking again. It's important to note that these sessions were conducted in a group setting, whereas my approach offers the advantage of one-on-one personalized sessions tailored to your unique needs.


The Personalized Process

We begin with a free consultation to gain insights into your smoking history, past quit attempts, exposure to smoking messages, support system, triggers, and personal theories about smoking. This assessment allows me to understand your specific situation and determine the most effective approach for utilizing hypnosis to help you quit smoking.

During the hypnotherapy sessions, I will address various issues personalized to your needs, which may include:

Stress and Trigger Management:

Equipping you with tools to manage stress, boredom, and transition, as well as identifying and neutralizing smoking triggers.

Positive associations with smoking or negative associations with quitting:  

The subconscious works by association. If smoking has gotten a positive association, such as giving you a break or something to do as you transition from one activity to another or while you are waiting, your SC thinks it is helpful. We will look at any associations that have been set up--and address them

Willpower and Self-Control:

Enhancing your willpower and self-control to resist the urge to smoke and maintain your commitment to quitting.

Updating Subconscious Beliefs:

Identifying and updating any lingering subconscious beliefs about smoking that may be hindering your progress. For example, often the subconscious is still responding to old beliefs like it is cool to smoke or a way to fit in. The subconscious does not update the same way we do intellectually. So, I will update it for you.

Eliminating Withdrawal Symptoms:

Utilizing hypnosis to help you minimize or eliminate withdrawal symptoms, making the quitting process more comfortable.

Healthy Behavior Substitution:

Ensuring that you don't substitute smoking with other unhealthy behaviors, such as overeating.

Addressing Subconscious Beliefs and Fears:

Exploring any subconscious beliefs, fears, or expectations that may be keeping you trapped in the smoking habit.

Through my client-centered approach, I have witnessed incredible transformations. For example, one client discovered that his smoking habit stemmed from guilt over accidentally shooting a friend while hunting. By addressing his underlying guilt and self-destructive beliefs, we not only helped him quit smoking but also supported weight loss and a transition to a less stressful career. Another client uncovered in hypnosis that she had been smoking to defy a father who had once made her eat a cigarette as a punishment.


It's crucial to understand that the subconscious mind is illogical and can hold onto beliefs and fears that defy rational thinking. It may respond to past events as if they are still present, disregarding conscious knowledge. Outdated beliefs like "smoking makes me feel more mature" or "smoking is sexy" can also persist within the subconscious mind. By addressing these deep-seated fears and beliefs, we can break through the barriers that prevent you from giving up smoking.

If you've been struggling to quit smoking or suspect that deeper issues may be holding you back, I invite you to schedule a consultation. 

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