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Understand and address Sexual Dysfunction with Hypnotherapy


People come to me for a variety of challenges related to their sexuality such as:

  • Difficulty with feeling arousal

  • Difficulty with achieving orgasm

  • Premature ejaculation 

  • Difficulty with maintaining erection

  • Losing interest in a partner

  • Feeling disturbed by "odd" fantasies or preferences

  • Having challenges with jealousy 


All of these things can be addressed using Hypnotherapy. 

We begin with a free consultation so we can chat about what is going on and I can take a thorough history and get a sense of what strategies and approaches would fit best for your situation.

There can be many things that interfere with our ability to enjoy sex such as:

  • Having received negative messages about sexuality, our bodies etc while growing up. For example, I had a male client who's mother had been molested as a child. Due to her own history, the mother was constantly shaming my client for his sexual urges, telling him that his interest in sex was wrong and bad. As a result, he had difficulty being intimate because those old programs where still running

  • Negative or threatening sexual experiences- The subconscious works by association. If sex has gotten a negative association, the SC says "let's not do that again", resulting in shut down, inability to be aroused etc.

  • Other contributing issues  such as body image, aging, weight gain, confidence, self esteem, self worth, being able to let go, control issues etc

  • Relationship dynamics that need to be addressed-- I had a male client who lost his job and discovered that it had am impact on his ability to be sexual because he felt emasculated by no longer being the provider in his family

​Because there can be so many contributing factors, that is part of the work we do--identifying anything that is creating a block or barrier. This is done in a non invasive way without having to relive any trauma or go back "into" any negative past experiences.

If you are interested in finding out how hypnotherapy can help you reclaim your mojo, contact me!

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