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I always offer a free consultation to anybody who's interested in my services.

This is an opportunity for us to check each other out. One of the most important things in achieving success with hypnosis, is feeling like the hypnotherapist is a match for you. I have a great success rate because I don't take on clients that I don't feel I can help. So if you're interested in finding out if I can help you, book a free consultation below. 

Please note: until further notice, all sessions and consultations will be held online via Zoom due to thee Coronavirus. Here is the link to download Zoom prior to our meeting.

Please check out this page for important instructions on doing effective online sessions


 I recommend booking several sessions in advance about one to two weeks apart. If you do not need the sessions, you can cancel them at anytime. My philosophy is that it is better to have them and not need them, then to need them and not have them!


Regular sessions  $160 plus GST  If you are financially affected by the virus ask for the reduced rate of $120 plus GST 

Senior/ student sessions  $135 plus GST. If you are financially affected by the virus ask for the reduced rate of $100 plus GST

I give 15% off when groups of 6 sessions  are purchased together 

Want to give the gift of well being? I now offer gift cards. Contact me for info

Note: All times are PST. To convert the time use this link