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Uses of Hypnosis

Below I highlight some of the common uses of Hypnosis. However, hypnosis can be applied to even more symptoms and experiences than what you see here! If you don't see your challenge on the list, reach out to set up a free consultation and let's look at how hypnotherapy may be used to help you! 


Anxiety is a feeling of fear or apprehension. It affects 1 in 10 people and is treatable with hypnotherapy. The subconscious mind plays a role in anxiety, perceiving threats and triggering the fight-flight response.


Talking alone is ineffective, but by accessing the subconscious, we can identify causes, update beliefs, eliminate unhealthy coping mechanisms, calm the response, and develop relaxation techniques for lasting relief.


Hypnotherapy can help with PTSD in a variety of ways. I personalize my approach depending upon your needs and requests. We might be doing any combination of the  following: processing  traumatic memories, eliminating unwanted symptoms, shifting to more positive thinking, improving sleep or appetite, normalizing responses, providing a safe space to discuss the trauma, reclassifying the trauma as a past event, managing emotions, addressing changes in worldview,  addressing high-risk behavior, finding meaning in the event, and addressing self-injury.

Complex Trauma

Complex trauma occurs when a person experiences ongoing traumatic situations, such as abuse, neglect, abandonment, or a failure to meet basic human needs. It differs from simple trauma, which is a one-time event.

Coping mechanisms developed in response to trauma, such as hyper vigilance and people-pleasing, may persist and affect behavior. Hypnotherapy can help reframe past experiences, address subconscious trauma, and alleviate symptoms associated with complex trauma. 


Unwanted thoughts are common, affecting 94.3% of people. Studies show intrusive thoughts of violence, sex, and harm are prevalent, causing feelings of shame and guilt. The difference between those with OCD and others is the meaning attached to the thoughts. Hypnotherapy can address OCD by exploring root causes, allowing thoughts without anxiety, normalizing thoughts, establishing a sense of "rightness," addressing the Catch-22 of rituals, redefining meanings, and defining normal precautions.


Phobias are learned fears that can be addressed with hypnotherapy. While we're born with only two natural fears, all other fears are acquired through experiences. 

Hypnotherapy helps clients understand the origin of their phobia and overcome the fear by neutralizing the associated emotions.

By identifying the past experience that led to the phobia, hypnotherapy helps clients develop a neutral response when exposed to the phobic object. Hypnotherapy provides a safe and comfortable way to address phobias and regain control.

Performance Anxiety

Hypnotherapy can help improve performance in various areas of life, such as work, relationships, intimacy, and presentations.


Performance anxiety arises from the subconscious mind's desire to protect us, even if it contradicts our logical understanding.


By accessing the subconscious through hypnotherapy, we can uncover the root causes of performance anxiety and reframe those experiences. We can alos help you feel more at ease with performance by using mental rehearsal during hypnosis.

Sexual Dysfunction

Hypnotherapy can help address a range of sexual challenges, including arousal difficulties, orgasmic issues, premature ejaculation, erection problems, loss of interest, disturbing fantasies, and jealousy. Negative messages, past experiences, body image, relationship dynamics, and other factors can interfere with sexual enjoyment. Through a free consultation and history assessment, personalized strategies are developed to address the specific issues. The goal is to identify and remove blocks or barriers without reliving trauma. Hypnotherapy offers a non-invasive approach to enhance sexual well-being.


Break free from the grip of procrastination and achieve your goals with Hypnotherapy. Uncover the subconscious reasons behind your tendency to delay tasks and address them effectively.


Through personalized sessions, we'll boost motivation, foster a sense of pride in progress, and overcome practical obstacles.

Say goodbye to frustration and wasted time. Say hello to meeting deadlines, having an organized space, getting things done in record time or whatever else you desire!

Weight Loss

Hypnosis for weight loss focuses on addressing underlying causes and beliefs related to food and weight. It goes beyond dieting and calorie counting, targeting the subconscious mind where deep-seated patterns reside. By aligning the conscious and subconscious minds, lasting change is achieved. A free consultation is followed by personalized sessions to address motivation, food choices, mindful eating, emotional needs, and whatever else is relevant for the client. The subconscious reasons for holding onto weight, such as past trauma or self-protection, are explored. 

Smoking Cessation

 Through tailored hypnosis sessions, we tackle smoking triggers, stress management, subconscious beliefs, withdrawal symptoms, and unhealthy behavior substitution as well as addressing any reasons you started smoking or any reasons that you ahve manitained it that are specific to you.


By addressing the illogical nature of the subconscious mind and uncovering underlying reasons for smoking, we achieve long-lasting results. With a high success rate, my approach combines behavioral strategies and deeper exploration to support your journey to a smoke-free life. 

Eating Disorders

Uncover the root of eating disorders and regain control with Hypnotherapy. By accessing the powerful Subconscious mind, we go beyond talk therapy to address disordered eating patterns effectively. The illogical and protective nature of the Subconscious mind is central to eating disorders. Through personalized hypnosis sessions, we explore the underlying causes, challenge beliefs, and establish healthier thinking and behaviors. With a focus on re-educating the Subconscious mind, lasting change is achieved. Break free from the grip of eating disorders and have a healthier relationship with food. 


 Through personalized hypnosis sessions, we challenge negative associations with sleep, reprogram limiting beliefs, and provide tools for deep relaxation. If required, we can also discover the root cause of nightmares and repetitive dreams, gaining profound insights and clarity.


If you suffer from sleep apnea, we offer tailored solutions to enhance your sleep quality. Say goodbye to sleep deprivation and start getting fantastic sleep night after night after night.

Study Skills and Memory

Improve concentration, memory, and academic performance with Hypnotherapy.


Enhance focus, retain information better, and recall knowledge effortlessly. Overcome exam anxiety, boost motivation, and build self-belief.


Address subconscious barriers and unleash your full potential. Free consultation available. Transform your learning experience today.


Elevate your mental game, overcome limitations, and achieve peak performance. Tap into the power of your subconscious mind to enhance focus, conquer anxiety, and ignite motivation. Join the ranks of elite athletes who credit Hypnotherapy for their success. Together, we'll create a personalized plan to address limiting beliefs, reprogram your mind, and unlock your true athletic capabilities. Don't settle for average.  Discover the transformative power of Hypnotherapy for athletic performance today.


Prepare for a comfortable and empowering birthing experience with Hypnotherapy. Manage pain, reduce stress, and enhance relaxation through the power of the mind. Enjoy benefits like reduced need for pain medication, active participation during birth, shorter labor duration, and more. Prioritize your well-being throughout pregnancy with techniques for alleviating morning sickness, addressing fears, and promoting bonding. During birth, control contractions, utilize relaxation tools, and visualize the process. Afterward, aid in recovery, boost confidence, and support breastfeeding. 

Pain Management

Pain encompasses both physical and psychological dimensions, influencing our well-being. While physical causes are evident, emotional and subconscious factors play a significant role. 

Differentiating between physical and emotional pain is crucial for appropriate treatment.

Physical pain is valuable as it alerts us to injuries or medical conditions. While it can be managed, eliminating it entirely may overlook underlying issues. On the other hand, emotional pain can be eliminated by understanding its origin. 

I provide a holistic approach to pain relief. By addressing physical sensations and psychological triggers, we achieve lasting results.  

Self Esteem/
Self Worth

Struggling with low self-worth and self-esteem? Negative thoughts holding you back? Hypnotherapy unlocks your true potential by addressing underlying causes. Together, we navigate past experiences, societal pressures, and negative self-talk. Hypnosis reframes negative messages, releases perfectionism, cultivates self-acceptance, and heals past events. Personalized sessions empower you to embrace your worthiness and live your best life. 


Addressing the underlying causes, we explore genetic, environmental, psychological and emotional factors that contribute to addictive behaviors. Through personalized sessions, we rewire your subconscious mind, replacing negative patterns with positive ones. Hypnotherapy empowers you to develop healthier coping mechanisms and build resilience. No need to relive painful experiences; healing and growth are possible. Take the courageous step towards a life free from addiction. 

Stress Management

Manage stress and restore balance with Hypnotherapy. Identify underlying causes of stress and develop personalized strategies for coping and overcoming. Hypnosis accesses the subconscious to reframe beliefs, release unresolved emotions, and cultivate calm. Tailored sessions promote resilience and self-care. Discover tools to navigate stress with ease. Schedule your free consultation and embark on a  journey towards a stress-free life.

Spiritual Development

Elevate your spiritual potential with Hypnosis. Connect with the divine, gain insight and clarity, manifest desires, access universal wisdom, balance chakras, and explore life from a spiritual perspective.

Hypnosis opens doors to channeling, divine guidance, and energetic connections. Experience transformative spiritual growth.


Want even more? Elevate your journey with personalized spiritual transformation coaching. 

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