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Don't put reading this off until later


You know the pattern. You have something that needs to be completed. Paperwork? Housework? Studying? You begin generating excuses-- I'll have something to eat first, I'll get it done tomorrow, I deserve a break today, I don't have enough energy. And it sits. And sits. And sits. And you begin feeling frustrated with yourself. it's an EASY project! You know how to do it. So, why can't you just get it done?  You are actually spending more time procrastinating--  making plans to get it done, coming up with excuses to not have to do it, beating yourself up for not getting it done-- then it would take to just do the thing!

If this pattern sounds all too familiar, Hypnotherapy can help.

First we will meet for a free consultation so we can discuss your goals and whatever theories you may have as to why you keep putting things off. This meeting gives me an opportunity to get to know you and your challenges so that I can create a personalized strategy for helping you.

That strategy may include:

  • Identifying, and addressing, any reasons why the procrastination is occurring. 90-95% of our behavior comes from the subconscious mind. The subconscious is illogical and concerned with self reservation. Often, no matter how frustrating a behavior may be, it is really the SC trying to help out. For example, I had a client procrastinating on completing her Thesis because she and her partner had agreed to separate when her thesis was complete.  So, on a SC level, she was stalling so as not to face the end of her relationship. Another client procrastinated because she was afraid that if she put effort into something and it didn't turn out well, she would have to face the idea that she was not effective. So, procrastination give her an out. If she failed, it didn't matter, she had completed it last minute so no one could blame her if it was poorly done.

  • Suggestions for motivation, follow through and a sense of pride accompanying any steps towards completion

  • Strategies to work around any practical issues such as scheduling and lack of time or resources- sometimes there are practical reasons why something isn't getting done. In this case, we look at options for removing any barriers

Do you want the sense of accomplishment, pride and self respect that comes from following through on the things you say you are going to do? If so, contact me. Hypnotherapy can help you kick procrastination

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