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Free Consultation

I always offer a free consutlatation to anyone interested in my services. There is no upsell, no strings attached, no obligation to go further. I suggest that before you book the consultation, you check out the information on this page to get a better sense of what to expect and to determine if we are a good match. The video below explains the conscious and subconscious mind and may get you thinking about your symptoms and goals from a  different perspective.



So what happens during the consultation?

We meet. We chat. 

Rapport is essential if hypnosis is going to work and so I want you to get a sense of if I am a "fit" for you. It is important that you feel comfortable and safe with your hypnotherapist if the process is going to work. This is why I am willing to give you this time for free. I see it as an investment that ensures we will be successful if we choose to work together as we hve alrady establsihed a feeling of comfort with each other.  If we are not a fit, I can provide you names of other Hypnotherapists who may be a better match 

I get great results with my clients because I take on only people who I KNOW I can help. I am looking for clients who are motivated to achieve their goals, willing to look within, willing to go wherever the therapy takes us and willing to explore the origins of their symptoms. These are the clients who get the best results. Lacking these traits may lead to my decision to not work together. 

I take your History

I take a thorough history of events that could be contributing to your symptoms. I will be asking you what you are struggling with, when it began for you, what was going on in your life leading up to or prior to the time of your symptoms beginning. I will ask your theories as to what is responsible for your symptoms. I do not simply suggest symptoms away as is this ineffective.  This is hypnoTHERAPY we are doing, so it is essential that you be willing to discuss your life experiences so we can determine the cause of your challenges. 

I  pay  attention to your  language, motivation, belief system, history and  personality so that I can create hypnosis sessions that would be relevant, effective and meaningful for you.  I will let you know whether I feel I can help you. I will tell you the strategy that I have in mind for helping you. We decide if we are going to work together and , if so, we can book sessions.


I find that most clients leave the consultation feeling excited and hopeful about the work we will do together. In fact, many clients get new insight into their symptoms as a result of our discussion and some even begin to see changes occurring before we even do the hypnosis!

However, if you decide not to go ahead with session, I do not strong arm anyone into my chair!

Note: All consultations are conducted via Zoom so please make sure you are set up, have a good connection and have privacy to talk freely about your goals.

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