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Hypnotherapy Sessions

Please read the following to know what to expect from our sessions.

 First Session

When we have our first session, it's all about ensuring you're comfortable and ready to benefit from hypnosis. I do a lot of work on your goal, but I am also laying a foundation for our sessions to be successful.

I will begin by checking in wiht you to see if you have had any new thoughts or theories about your symptoms or goals since our consultation. Often, after the consultation, your subconscious starts providing more insights related to your goal. Don’t worry about last-minute thoughts or additions to the sessions—I’m comfortable working on the fly. 

Once we discuss anything that has come up for you since our consultation, I'll outline the plan for our session and get your feedback. We can make any adjustments you want to ensure you're fully on board with the process.

We will then get you settled and ready to do the hypnosis. I recommend having a private, quiet space where you can lay down or recline so you can relax as much as possible. Adequate lighting is important especially if we are meeting at the end of the day or you are in a time zone that is ahead of mine. I will need to see your face on camera to make sure you aren't falling asleep. If you take time to consider where you will do the hypnosis and have your space set up already, it will save us time duing our session.

During our first session, I take extra time to ensure you're in hypnosis and to prove it to you. This is crucial because if you question whether you're truly in hypnosis, it can disrupt the process.  When you are in hypnosis, you take in the hypnotic suggestions that are relevant and acceptable to you. However, you also respond to your own internal voice in hypnosis. In other words, once your mind is receptive, it is receptive to what I am saying as well as to what you are saying to yourself. Therfore, if you are questioning if you are in hypnosis, that can lead to you coming out of hypnosis. So, I am going to show you that you are "there" before we move on so that your internal voice is supporting the work instead of sabotaging it.I’ll guide you into a state where your internal voice supports the work we’re doing.


In this session, I also lay the groundwork for our future work together:

  • I'll give you a way to bring yourself out of hypnosis if our internet gets disconnected.

  • You'll learn how to deepen your hypnosis if there are distractions.

  • I'll teach you how to reinforce or cancel suggestions ensuring that you take in only the suggestions you want to take in.

  • You'll have the freedom to move or speak if you wish but speaking is not required  

  • I'll provide a method to help you enter hypnosis more easily in future sessions, allowing us to focus more on your goals.


 During the session, I do all the work for you. I choose the best method of hypnosis for you, guide you into a hypnotic state, deliver the hypnotic suggestions and hypnotic argument, address relevant history, guide you through exercises, prompt your subconscious for insights, and manage your depth throughout. I’ll also bring you out of hypnosis and debrief with you afterward.

Your Role? Just show up and be open to the experience. Your job is easy—relax and let the process work for you.

Second session and beyond:

I am a client centered hypnotherapist which means I adjust what I do in hypnosis to your style, need, progress and goals. So, where we go in a second session (and beyond) is dependent upon what happens during and after the previous sessions. 


Therefore  our sessions may involve: 

  • Addressing new insights, dreams, or memories that arise that arise as your subconsious responds to my asking it for more info.

  • Uncovering the cause of symptoms and then addressing the cause.

  • Reinforcing work done in previous sessions to ensure the results last over time

  • Prompting your subconsious mind for more clarity around the goal

  • Inner child work or help you to process previous events so they no longer have a negative impact on you

What I WON'T do is take you back to relive traumatic events as this is not necessary.

I am solution and goal oriented which means I won't waste your time not getting results. If you do not have some obvious progress within 2-3 sessions, we will be doing deeper work to see what else needs to be addressed. You are asked to understand that this work is a bit like peeling an onion. It is not a one session miracle. My ideal client is one who is motivated to achieve their goal and willing to go wherever the therapy directs.

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