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Enhanced Hypnotherapy Session

In Enhanced Hypnotherapy Sessions, we begin with a detailed consultation where we discuss your goals and concerns. Based on our conversation, I create two personalized audio tracks for you. These tracks include subliminal messages tailored to your goals and a healing frequency that aligns with your objectives. During our sessions, I play this music, giving you a "double whammy" effect. Your subconscious absorbs my verbal suggestions while simultaneously taking in the subliminal messages and responding to the healing frequency. This approach is ideal for clients who want to maximize the effectiveness of their sessions.

The tracks used during the session enhance your experience, and I also provide you with another version of the audio that has pleasant background music instead of hypnosis music. You can listen to this version while working, relaxing, or focusing on other activities, allowing your subconscious to continue absorbing the positive suggestions and reinforcing the work we've done.


If you opt for a package of Enhanced sessions, I will create new tracks as our work evolves, ensuring all relevant suggestions are incorporated into your personalized enhanced tracks. This continuous adaptation helps maintain alignment with your progress and goals, providing ongoing support and reinforcement.

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