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Master Your Money Mindset Workshop

Do you live paycheck to paycheck?

Do you feel like every time money comes in, it immediately goes out again?

Would you like to be earning more money, have financial freedom, get away from simply getting by?


If so, then this fun, experiential and eye opening workshop is for you!

This powerful, life changing 2 day workshop will be a deep dive into your own psyche. It will help you understand the relationships, life events and messaging you have received that are having a negative impact on your money mindset.

But I won't leave you hanging there! Day 2 is jam packed with effective techniques that will help you to change your mindset from lack to abundance. I will teach you techniques that I have developed and employed myself to go from being bankrupt at 21 to having a consistent, solid 6 figure income, having several streams of income and running two successful businesses.

I will explain WHY these techniques work and then we will be doing each of the techniques. Day 2 is guaranteed to leave you energized, inspired and armed with tools that you can use to level up your mental game when it comes to money. In fact, the techniques can be used to change any area of your life that is currently not working!

Would you like better health? A loving relationship? A more meaningful career? These techniques can be applied to any goal you would like to achieve!

When: April 4/5 2020   930-500

Where: TBA

How much:  Early bird rate  $229 if you register before Feb 15

                    Regular rate $279

This is a great investment when you consider that just a couple hundred dollars could make the difference between you having to struggle financially and having the abundance you desire!

Space is limited so secure your spot now!

What do I know about this topic? I've BEEN THERE!

When I graduated from university as a teacher in my 20's, there was a huge layoff of teachers and I had a $30,000 student loan to repay. I remember walking through the grocery store with a calculator, adding up my purchases to make sure I had enough money for them when I got to the till. I remember what it felt like to have to think about making purchases based on how long I could stretch out a food item versus being able to buy what I actually WANTED to eat!
I was working in a hair salon and my colleagues decided to do a Christmas gift exchange. The price limit was $20. I simply could not spare the money, so I re-purposed an item I owned and gave it as a gift, feeling such shame that I couldn't even afford to buy my colleague something new!

Finally, because I was making less than what my rent was and could not pay my bills, I did the only thing I could think of doing, I went bankrupt. This involved meeting with a credit counselor to look at what could be done to improve my situation going forward. I remember the counselor telling me, "My job is to help you make a budget and live within it.But, honestly, I think you could teach me a thing or two. I don't know how you have been able to live on what you earn".

In my 30's I discovered Hypnotherapy and trained to be a Hypnotherapist. It was then that I learned about how our subconscious mind, and whatever beliefs are stored within, dictate the results you get in your life. And I began the process of "reprogramming" my own mind.

Now, in my 50's I have a completely different relationship to money. I run two successful businesses; I have had a thriving Hypnotherapy practice since 1999 and in 2004 I opened up my own Hypnotherapy school. My income has been in the solid 6 figures consistently for several years and I now buy whatever the heck I feel like eating when I grocery shop!

In this program I will be showing you what works! I will be teaching you the exact methods I used to change my mind and, therefore, change my situation. And these techniques I will teach you can be used to change ANY area of your life!

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