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Why "Your Authentic Self"?


My business was formerly called "Campbell Wellness Consulting" and, as  a Hypnotherapist, I worked with people on a number of issues but focused primarily on the "standard" goals that hypnosis can address such as smoking, weight loss and pain control. Over the last while, however, I have seen a change in my clients.

A lot of my clients are now asking "What is my purpose?" , "How can I have more meaning in my life?", "What is the lesson to be learned in this experience or pain?". There seems to be a trend away from fixing the "external" things in their worlds to focusing more on understanding and  repairing the "internal" things.

I, too, have been experiencing this change personally; asking myself "what can I do to add more joy to my life? How can I get in touch with my creativity to a fuller degree? What is the fullest way I can be of service to others?"

This change that I see in my clients and within myself has caused me to change the way I run my business. I will still treat smoking, weight loss and help people to manage and understand their pain. But, I am finding myself drawn more to the "deeper" stuff---the "meaning of life" stuff--- to the lessons and purpose that comes from all of our biggest challenges.


All of this has led to the development of MY authentic self and, in my business, to the development of "Your Authentic Self".


What is "Your Authentic Self"?

 We come into the world fully expressed, intuitive, creative and able to express our emotions easily.

We cry out when we want food and we turn our heads when we have had enough.

We make our needs known and we insist on having them met.

We explore our bodies, our environments and others freely.

We look at the world with awe and wonder.

We finger-paint with wild abandon.

We believe we can be cowboys, doctors or, in my case, fairy god mothers.

We are amused by the ceiling fan.

We are soothed by a loving touch.


And then what?

We are told:  “You can’t be hungry. You just ate” and “You can’t make money doing art”.

We are made to question our talents, skills and selves.

We are told to be “realistic” and “practical”.

We get hurt. We get betrayed.

We are left. We are bullied.

We feel grief. Loss. Sadness. Fear.

And our authentic self gets buried under layers of fear, shame and guilt, under all the expectations placed upon us, under the weight of our experiences.

Who would you be:

      Without pain?

      Without shame?

      Without negative self talk?

      Without fear?

      Without your history of trauma?

Let me help you express your AUTHENTIC SELF once again.

The following are assumptions I make about my clients. This may help you to get a feel for how I work as a therapist.


  1. People are not broken. Therefore, they do not need to be fixed.

  2. We all come into the world perfect—then life happens

  3. It’s not the events in our lives that causes us our problems, it is the meaning we attach to them.

  4. A person’s behavior (symptoms) always make sense when you understand the context in which they were formed. Get curious.

  5. People are not their behavior. Accept the person. Change the behavior.

  6. There is a positive intention behind every behavior, no matter how dysfunctional it appears from the outside.

  7. There is no reality; only perspective.

  8. We all have our own unique model of the world. My job is to understand your  model and work with it.

  9. Everything in our environment is a result of what is in our mind.

  10. We are in charge of our own minds; therefore, we are in charge of our results and external circumstances.

  11. You have all of the resources within you that are needed to resolve your symptoms.

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