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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis involves taking a person into an altered state of consciousness which really involves slowing down your brain waves. When we are awake we are in a Beta state, meaning our brainwaves are active and we feel alert.

If you were to close your eyes, take a couple deep breathes and relax, you would go into an Alpha state.

This is a place of   relaxation ,no worries, fears or frustrations, heightened Intuition, Inspiration, creativity, and Inner consciousness. It is a state where it feels as though there is limitless time and space where we have expanded awareness and where we learn more effectively. This is also a light hypnotic, or meditative, state


Some people may even enter into an even deeper Theta state which is familiar to people as it is the state you pass through right before you fall asleep where you know you are not asleep yet but you may feel as though you are dreaming.

In an Alpha or Theta state, we have access to the Subconscious mind. The subconscious mind contains all of our beliefs, our history and is the seat of our creativity and emotions.


Hypnotherapy, therefore, involves using this state to help a client to overcome a problem or achieve insight into an issue.


Using Hypnotherapy, a client is able to:

  •  Explore and change beliefs

  • Alter behaviors

  • Understand and change the imprint of past experiences

  • Gain insight into an issue

  • Tap into the creative mind and find solutions to problems that were previously elusive

  • Understand where emotions stem from and change how they respond to events

  • Be receptive to suggestions to enhance your well being and health.




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