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Feeling stressed? Would you like some support?

I am now offering weekly Drop In group Hypnosis sessions to help you deal with these uncertain times.

Sessions will be offered every Monday from 630-8 pm Pacific time and held via Zoom.

Topics will be announced at the middle of each month for the month following and will focus on goals and issues that have a broad appeal such as positive thinking, healthy eating, sleeping better, self talk, self care. etc.

Use the booking calendar below to book your spot. Choose "Classes" in the calendar. Make sure you are choosing the correct date for the topic you prefer. Payment is required at time of booking. No refunds are given should you miss a session

If you wish to suggest a topic, I'd love to hear what appeals to you! Send me an email!

Upcoming topics include:

June 7 Getting Better Sleep -- I will cover getting to sleep more easily, sleeping more deeply, sleeping through the night, getting back to sleep easily of awakened, having a calm, quiet mind and relaxed body and more.

June 14 Healthy Eating- Uncertain times tend to cause unhealthy eating habits. In this session I will cover eating more healthfully, being able to be moderate when it comes to unhealthy foods, portion control, finding other ways to deal with emotional needs. 

June 21 Letting Go of Worry- Our thoughts have an impact on our emotions and our energy level. Although we may not always be able to control what is going on in the world, we can control how much time we spend dwelling on things we have no control over. In this session, we will focus on letting go of worry, focusing on what we CAN control, and having more positive thoughts which will lead to more energy and a better emotional state

June 28 Dealing with Difficult People - When faced with people who are stressed, negative or even toxic, we can tend to take on their "stuff" and be affected by their this session we will address  being able to maintain yourself even if you have to be around negative people. 

Come back mid June to see July's Drop in Topics!

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