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On this page, you will find a variety of resources that may be useful to you and will give you a sense of my approach to various hypnosis topics and goals.


There are videos from my YouTube Channel where I  share strategies and techniques and tools that I have used effectively with my clients  drawing from Hypnotherapy, Positive psychology, Counseling and my training as a trauma and anxiety specialist.

You will find Facebook Live videos from my Live events. I do Wednesday Hump Day Hypnosis Drop Ins  at 6 pm. To join in with a Live show, go to my Facebook page and like the page so you are informed of upcoming shows. After the show airs live, I will upload the recorded show here.


I also do a Friday noon Facebook live that has more of an educational twist.Recorded shows will be uploaded here as well. 

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YouTube Channel

Channel Intro

Strategies for Dealing with the negative messages you get from others

Strategies for Dealing with worry

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Below you will find episodes from my podcast, the Hypno Dojo. The podcast is geared towards students and  practitioners of Hypnotherapy. However, there may be topics of interest to you and the episodes will give you a sense of my style.

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