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There are many things we can do to get the ball rolling when it comes to accessing our own subconscious (SC) minds and achieving our goals.

First--why do you want to access your subconscious mind? Because that is the part of your mind that runs 90-95% of your behavior. We can know what we want to do or feel , consciously. But, if the SC has a different belief or agenda or hasn't gotten the memo, we can continue to struggle.


For example every weight loss client who comes to see me knows everything they need to know about diet and exercise, and yet they are having a hard time sticking to a plan. But once the SC is aware of the plan, change happens more rapidly.

these techniques are simple and yet effective as they allow access to your own SC.


let's go!

TECHNIQUE # 1-Taking advantage of the natural trance as you fall asleep

 As we fall asleep, our brain waves slow down from Beta (our waking state) to Delta (the sleep state) passing through Alpha and Theta on the way. Alpha and Theta are where hypnosis occurs. What this means is that as you fall asleep whatever you were thinking about gets deposited into your SC just like a hypnotic suggestion.

So, we can take advantage of this naturally suggestible time by focusing on the outcomes we desire as we drift off. We can do this be envisioning our desired outcome (imagining making that putt, being at the weight you want, or having the career or relationship you desire) or by giving ourselves suggestions that align with our goals.

The trick, when it comes to giving suggestions, is that we want to focus on the outcome we desire NOT the situation we are stuck in.

For example, a person with pain wants to think "I have comfort and ease in my body. My body is healthy and fit" (or whatever the outcome is that you prefer) NOT "I don't have pain." By focusing n not having pain, we have to think of the pain first, which reinforces the pain. It's a bit like saying "don't think of a pink elephant-- you end up thinking of it!

TECHNIQUE # 2 "Subliminal" recordings

With this technique, you will again be writing suggestions with regards to the outcome you desire. But then the suggestions will be recorded onto your phone, or some other device, and listened to very quietly, so that you cannot pick up on what is being said.

The SC is capable of picking up on sound that is beyond our normal range of hearing. Remember when drive in movies used to use subliminal advertising to get people to go buy pop and candy at the concession? They would very rapidly flash a message to buy the items and people would be compelled to act. The conscious mind was not aware that the message was flashed, but the SC picked up on it. 

Want proof of this phenomenon (and to be wildly entertained at the same time) ? Check out this 7 min video.

Using this same concept, by keeping the volume low on your recording and "listening" while you are busy doing other things such as driving, reading a book or listening to music, your SC will take in the suggestions.

I love this technique and use it frequently myself. It is a great way to multitask! I can be working on a  goal while simultaneously getting housework done or enjoying a  good book.

As with the above technique, make sure your suggestions focus on what you want, not on what you don't want.

TECHNIQUE # 3 Mix of fantasy and reality journal

This is another technique that I use all the time. With this method, you will write daily journal entries that are a combination of real things that are going on in your life interspersed with things you might like to experience. For example, I might write:

"I had a really great night last night. We had friends over for an amazing dinner and sat and chatted about life and our careers and goals we have set for the upcoming year (true). I felt very connected and understood and am so grateful to have friends like this in my life (true). I am also really happy with where my relationship is. We are spending a lot of time together, helping each other with our work projects and there is so much laughter and fun (True). We are starting to plan our next trip to Europe. We have set the dates aside and are talking about where we want to stay and what we want to see. I really want to go to France  (GOAL)"

This technique works because of a hypnotic concept called the "yes set". With the yes set, you mention a few things that are true, causing the client to think "yes" in their mind. You then follow up with a suggestion that you want the client to take in. Because the truthful statements have primed them to respond internally with a "yes", they are more likely to take in your suggestion as well.

For example, it is Sunday afternoon (yes), you are wearing your blue sweater (yes) , listening to the sound of my voice (yes) and going even deeper into hypnosis (suggestion- "yes!")

The SC doesn't know the difference between a true statement and an untrue one (it is illogical). So, priming the SC, during the journal writing, to say "yes" to the stamens that are true, "tricks" the SC into saying yes to the desired statements as well.

NOTE: all of these techniques will require persistence and effort. There is no quick fix. If you have put time and effort into using these methods and you are still stuck, it could be that there is a SC block that is keeping you from progressing.


Remember, the SC is illogical and primarily protective.  So, if for any reason, it thinks that there is some benefit to having the symptoms, or some danger in letting them go, it will be stubborn and hang onto the symptoms.


For example, I had a client who came for weight loss, wanting to eat smaller portions. The more we worked on that, the more she ate! So, we looked at this in hypnosis. She recalled being 7 years old and going to the hospital to see grandma in hospice. She saw grandma getting thinner and thinner and eventually dying.


On a SC level, due to this event, she had associated weight loss with death! So, her SC wasn't going to let her eat less and take weight off as long as this belief was still in place. 

Hypnotherapy can be very quick (and non invasive--not reliving of events with me!) in uncovering what is behind a symptom. So, if you have worked on it on your own but are still stuck, come in for a free consultation and we can look at what might be underlying your symptoms.

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