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I can't say enough about the amazing work Linda does. She is professional, effective and caring. I have referred a number of clients, all who have reported excellent results. Mark Watts, Counselor (took my training after sending several clients as referrals )


I wanted to update you about my recent trip to Mexico and the success of my hypnotherapy sessions with you. I was able to fly to Mexico and home without a care. It was so nice being able to enjoy the flight in a "normal" relaxing way. In fact, I slept most of the trip home something I was never able to do previously. Without fear or hesitation, I was able to climb open stairs, go into small confined spaces; lean over cliffs and look down, snorkel in an underground river system and the ocean and I even went para sailing. I have to tell you that all of the friends and family that joined us on our trip were equally surprised by what I was able to do. I have one more session with you and am now trying to decide which of my several other "quirks" you can fix for me. Thank you so much for putting my fears to rest.  Dawn C


Dear Linda: You may recall I went through a couple of sessions with you because I had a terrible fear of water and could not enjoy a cruise even though I did go on many. Just want you to know I am writing you from on board the Golden Princess and that I have absolutely no fears on this trip. I am able to swim in the pools, walk on deck, look at the horizon, watch the waves going by and enjoy everything, even four and a half days crossing the Pacific to Hawaii and back to Los Angeles. I am enjoying the sea for the first time in 16 cruises. I am even thinking of booking another cruise. Thank you so much. Lorraine U


To the uninitiated, hypnotherapy sounds strange. Weird even. At the very least: a bit out there. If you've never tried it, here’s what it feels like: Remember when you were a kid and you fell asleep in the car. You weren't all the way asleep. You could tell when you pulled in the driveway. You knew when the engine shut off. You could, if you had to, pull yourself awake and walk into the house. You’d just rather not. So, you waited until someone picked you up, and then, you let the full weight of your body sink against theirs as they carried you into the house. You felt safe and relaxed. Linda’s thoughtful, thorough and professional approach is deeply reassuring. She has a keen and compassionate understanding of how human beings work. I have loads of respect for what Linda does, how she does it and am regularly impressed by the non-judgmental, accepting and creative ways she thinks about people and their problems, issues, challenges, “stuff”. Sincerely, Lisa Weeks


Hi Linda I am not sure if I have told you how much you have changed my life but here is an update. I have been divorced for seven years and was clearly never intending to find anyone or even date. You helped me so immensely in my sleeping problems and my childhood nightmare I know the majority of people would never believe it, but I do and that is what counts. I have found someone that I have been dating for a couple of months now and it is probably the best relationship I have had. The honesty and freedom that I was able to go into this relationship with is even hard for me to understand but I know its because you helped set my “little girl” free and for that I am so incredibly grateful. I promote you to people that I believe would truly benefit from your help, not sure if they actually go because they probably think I am a little nutbar, but if there is anything that I could ever do to help you, I want you to know I would be there for you as what you have done for me I could never have imagined and only wish I had known earlier in my life about this wonderful gift you have. Again thank you I just wanted to let you know I think you'er marvelous and often think of you. Cheers RM


I am so grateful to have you in my life. I couldn't even begin to imagine how long if ever it would've taken me on my own to even have come this far. So thank you again, for the faith, for the support, for the truth, and for the listening. If I could pay you what you're worth you'd be a billionaire :) Mike


Linda is a terrific therapist - warm, engaged, kind. I also really appreciate her curiosity and willingness to go with the organic flow of the therapeutic journey. I did not feel any anxiety going into hypnosis with her because I trust her integrity and I have received great benefit from working with her. I recommend her highly! Sukumar Periwal


Linda I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for everything that you have done for me! I truly believe that you came into my life just when I needed you! This may sound a little funny but there are a few people I consider angels here on earth and to me you are definitely one of them! You are doing exactly what you are meant to do in this life RA


It truly works. I don't know why and I don't know how. But it truly works. I don't even think about smoking anymore. I have no urge at all. (smoked for 55 years. Stopped after 2 sessions) MD


This isn't just a business for her. Linda is a very fantastic person. I can see that her concern is genuine. She really cares. There is definitely a personal touch (Came for smoking Cessation. Smoked for 42 years. Stopped after 5 sessions.) BB


Hi Linda .. I sent you a note some time ago letting you know that I did not feel that I needed any further sessions. I have lost 30 lbs to date and doing well. I wanted to let you know just how much I had appreciated what you did for me. I do not think I would be this far along had it not been for the hypnotherapy. I came through my surgery as well with flying colors and again, I attribute the success of that and the post op pain management to hypnotherapy. I can't begin to thank you enough. Blessings Brother John


just wanted to let you know how much you changed my life. I can never repay you ever. My dad sent me there to help me lose weight, still working on that lol, and instead I found myself. Anita B