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Improve your concentration and memory using Hypnotherapy


Have you ever done poorly on an exam because the pressure of the exam caused you to go blank?

Do you feel your memory could be better than it is?

Do you have a hard time focusing and taking in information?

If so, then Hypnotherapy can help.

Hypnotherapy can help you to:

  • Block out distractions so you can focus more easily

  • Improve your memory retention

  • Help you to recall information more readily

  • Help you stay calm during an exam

  • Increase your motivation for studying

  • Increase your confidence and self belief

  • Address any limiting or negative beliefs you may have that are keeping you from being as successful as you might otherwise be

  • Uncover any subconscious blocks that may exist and help you put them to rest

Hypnotherapy does not take the place of studying. But it CAN make your studying more effective.

Often, when I work with a client on exam anxiety, there are past experiences that are still having an effect on them on a subconscious level. 

For example, I had a client who had a lot of trauma in her household as a child and, as a result, was a poor student. She was told as much by a teacher and, because that teacher was a person of authority, that message stuck. Once we were able to get that teacher's message out of her head, my client noticed a rapid improvement in her confidence, her competency and her self belief. 

The subconscious is wide open to messages we receive from authorities, particularly parents and teachers. We are also prone to take in messages from peers who we want to be accepted by. And the SC is not logical so it takes messages literally. For example, a kid at school might call you stupid and that message sinks right into the subconscious and becomes part of a self fulfilling prophecy.

Using hypnotherapy we can identify any limiting beliefs or messages you may have picked up that are keeping you from succeeding.

I can also give you an anchor, as well as suggestions, to help you stay calm and focused when it comes time to write an exam so that you are in the ideal mind frame to do well.

Let's start with a free consultation to discuss your goals !

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