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Diets Don't work--Learn to be naturally slim

Only 10 out of every 200 people who undertake a diet will take off the weight they had hoped to lose. Of those 10 only ONE will keep it off for a substantial length of time. This means that 99% of people who diets will experience failure! It has been proven that diets lead to a slowing of the metabolism, and increase in binging, obsessive thoughts, diminished self- esteem, feelings of frustration and eating disorders. Despite the fact that there are over 26,000 diets on the market (and new ones coming out all the time) there are still millions of people with weight to lose. DIETS SIMPLY DON’T WORK! If they did, with all the diets available, we would be a society of slim people. The fact is that the more time you spend on the “diet-go-round”, the more unlikely you are to ever achieve your ideal weight. Restriction, deprivation, labeling yourself of foods as "good” and “bad”, and other offshoots of the “diet mentality”, never work and in fact lead to only more weight gain and greater issues around weight. In this series of shows Linda Campbell, Certified Hypnotherapist, will teach you how to ditch the diet mentality once and for all and unleash your natural slim self. In these shows you will learn how to identify and respect the signals your body sends you, legalize all foods and eat according to the needs of your body, love and accept yourself at any size or weight, recognize the various hungers you have been feeding, understand and improve your relationships with food and your body, recognize what food has come to represent to you, understand the subconscious messages that have been interfering with your being at your ideal weight, add exercise to your life because you WANT to, not because you HAVE to and quieting the critical inner voice. In this episode we will focus specifically on tools for accepting and loving yourself AS YOU ARE!. Check out the first show here

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