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A Case Study: Resolving a fear of horse back riding in one session

Have you ever felt an inexplicable fear that just didn’t make sense? Let me share a fascinating case where hypnotherapy helped a client oy mine overcome her fear of horses in just one session. This story highlights how our subconscious mind works by association, often trying to keep us safe in ways that aren't always logical.

Understanding the Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind isn't the thinking part of our brain; it's all about self-preservation. It works by quickly classifying things as safe or unsafe based on past experiences, ensuring we know how to respond to similar situations in the future. While this mechanism is designed to protect us, it can sometimes misfire, causing unnecessary fear and anxiety.

The Case of the Fearful Rider

A client came to see me with a perplexing issue. Despite owning a horse with a lovely temperament, she was terrified of riding it. Her anxiety was palpable, and her horse picked up on it, making riding a stressful experience for both. During our free consultation, she revealed that previously, she had owned another horse that looked much like her current one—a horse with a miserable temperament that frequently bucked her off and nipped at her.

Upon hearing this, I immediately understood what was happening. Her subconscious mind was confusing the two horses, not allowing her to feel safe because it associated the current horse with the previous traumatic experiences. To her conscious mind, it was obvious they were different horses, but her subconscious needed convincing.

The Hypnotherapy Session

In our session, we addressed the root cause of her fear. By guiding her subconscious to understand that these were not the same horse, we could break the negative association. She needed to know, on a deep, subconscious level, that her current horse was safe.

Shortly after our session, she sent me this wonderful update:

"I rode my horse today... with ABSOLUTELY no hesitation or angst! Never once thought of anything bad happening and my horse was so relaxed as well!!! It was SUCH a great feeling!! I felt like the old me!! I still want another session (and maybe more). I’m super excited for my future!!!"

How Associations Work

This case perfectly illustrates how once we address the root cause of an issue, the issue can resolve itself. Her subconscious mind needed to understand something her conscious mind already knew—that these were not the same horse.

Our subconscious makes quick associations to protect us. For example:

  • You have an accident while driving, and now your subconscious thinks driving is unsafe, ignoring the countless hours you’ve spent in your vehicle without incident.

  • You make a positive association with food, and now you turn to it for comfort.

  • You stand up to give a presentation in school, someone mocks you, and now your subconscious won’t let you speak in public, even though it could benefit your work.

  • You had to be vigilant at night because you were a new parent, shift worker, or first responder, so your subconscious made a positive association with staying alert. Now your child is grown, or you're no longer in that job, but your subconscious still won’t let you sleep.

  • You got attention as a kid when you were sick, so now your subconscious thinks being sick is a good thing, and you get sick frequently.

  • You were picked on in school by bullies, and now your subconscious thinks people are dangerous, causing social anxiety, even though you would like to be more social.

Moving Forward

If you find yourself held back by fears or anxieties that don’t make sense, hypnotherapy might be the solution. By addressing the root causes and correcting these subconscious associations, you can free yourself from unnecessary fears and move forward with confidence.

I invite you to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with me to discuss how we can work together to help your subconscious let go of past associations. This will empower you to make the decisions you want to make and do the things you want to do without interference.

Together, we can help you achieve your goals and live a more empowered life.

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