Important information for doing effective online sessions

On this page I will give you all the steps you need to take for our sessions to be productive and effective.

1) DOWNLOAD ZOOM:  Zoom is the software we will be using to connect.If you do not already use Zoom, you can download it here. It is free for you as I will be initiating the meeting. The morning of our meeting, I will be sending you the link that will get us into our meeting room. Please check your spam just in case my email gets sent there.


3)  REVIEW CHECKLIST : I have put together a checklist so that you can been prepared for the sessions. Please have a look at it here and make sure everything is in place before we meet. 

4) WATCH THE VIDEOS: The following videos will answer questions about how the mind works, how hypnosis works and what it might feel like for you to be in hypnosis

Frequently asked questions

How do online sessions work?

In order to do online sessions effectively, you will need privacy, Zoom , a camera and microphone as well as a place you can sit or lie comfortably , with your head supported, and the camera pointed towards your face. Zoom is of no cost to you as I will be initiating the session. If you do not already use Zoom, I will send you the link to download it. You will need to download the app before we meet. I will send you the link to get into our meeting room the morning of the session. Zoom works great! It is stable, we can see and hear each other and we can even record the session, if you like!

Is online as good as in person?

Personally I prefer the feeling of being in the same room as my clients. But, as far as getting results is concerned, they are not dependant upon meeting face to face. Your results will be just as good with the online sessions assuming you follow my suggestions for privacy and comfort. Because I do not do technqiues that involve touch, my process is very much the same as when we work in person.

How do we do the payments?

You can either send an email transfer to (no password necessary) or I can collect a credit card payment while we are online together.

How will you know I am in hypnosis?

I will be asking you to position yourself so that your face is visible on camera. This enables me to see signs of hypnosis. I will also be "testing" you to make sure you are in hypnosis before I move on to working on your goal. Having the camera positioned this way enables me to tell if you are in hypnosis or not during that challenge. Just like when we work in person, I will not move on to work on your goal until I am satisfied that you are in a hypnotic state.

What if I have no privacy

Privacy is really important while we are in session. Privacy allows you to be free to discuss whatever needs to be discussed and to relax more easily. I have opned up spots in my calendar at diferent times and on different days to make sure there are spots the accomodate different schedules and needs. Please check my calendar for a suitable time!

What if we get disconnected?

Using Zoom, the "room" we are meeting in stays open if we get disconnected so it is easy to get back in to our meeting sdpace. I will also give you a way to be able to take yourself out of hypnosis, just in case

What if I have been financially impacted by the virus?

I want you to be able to get help with your goals and challenges regardless of your current financial status. Ask me about: - My reduced rates - My "pay what you can" option - My "pay when it gets better" option