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Calm your system with hypnosis


What is anxiety exactly?

Anxiety is essentially a feeling of fear or apprehension.

Anxiety disorders are the most common of all mental health problems. It is estimated that they affect approximately 1 in every 10 people.

Anxiety is a terrific area for treatment with hypnotherapy.

In order to understand how hypnotherapy works for this type of goal, it is important to understand the characteristics of the Subconscious (SC) mind.


The Sc :

  • is Illogical--- this means the SC does not understand things the same way the rational, conscious mind does. For example, a person may “know” consciously that they have a wonderful life and nothing to be anxious about. However, if the SC mind perceives there to be a threat of some kind of the environment , it will respond to that perceived threat with anxiety – – – or the fight flight response.

  • Does not know the difference between past, present or future--therefore, sometimes a person can still be responding to something that took place in the past as though it were still present. Consider the war veteran who hits the ground when he hears a car backfire because the subconscious mind is perceiving that sound to be a gunshot due to his past experience of similar sounds.

  • Is Protective--- The primary function of the SC mind is to protect you. However, being illogical it sometime responds to threat when there is none, reacts to past events that are no longer occurring or uses coping mechanisms that are actually harmful. Example: if you get bit by a dog at two years old, your subconscious mind will decide that dogs are always going to be dangerous to you. In an attempt to protect you, the subconscious will give you a panic attack, even if you hear a dog barking in the distance. It believes that by giving you this fight flight response, or making you vigilant, you'll be able to protect yourself from the "dangerous dog".


It is useless to try to talk somebody out of having anxiety.

If all it took was to tell somebody "you have nothing to be anxious about" then there would be no such thing as anxiety disorders.


In order to address anxiety, it is important to recognize what the subconscious is perceiving to be a threat in your environment. So, essentially, what happens is the subconscious perceives there to be a threat in your environment – – even if there isn't one; It may be responding to a past events, it may be overreacting to a current stressor.


The subconscious then sounds the alarm with the fight flight response so that you can protect yourself from the perceived threat. This is why people with anxiety often feel keyed up, are unable to sleep, have rapid heart rate, have digestive issues, and are vigilant. These are all indicators that the fight flight response is active. The fight flight response is not meant to be a long-term coping mechanism. It is meant to be a short-term burst of adrenaline to handle a potentially life-threatening situation. Once the situation has passed, the response is meant to shut off. But because the subconscious is always perceiving threats in the environment that response stays on. It is very taxing to the system as it requires a lot of energy to maintain that fight flight response. This is why often people who have anxiety also have depression. Depression occurs when that fight flight response finally wears a person down over time.


By accessing the subconscious mind, we can:


  • Identify the true cause of the anxiety

  • Work through the cause of the anxiety – – it is important to note that I never take anybody back to relive the trauma. I believe if you've been traumatized once why the heck would I want to traumatize you again? However, I can help you recognize how a past event is still impacting on you and update your subconscious mind so that that event is no longer causing you damage.

  • Eliminate any unhealthy coping method mechanisms for dealing with anxiety

  • Quiet the fight flight response

  • Develop relaxation techniques and strategies

  • Instill belief in your ability to handle whatever challenges occur in your life

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