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Struggling as a result of the Coronavirus?

People like certainty, they like predictability, they like their familiar routines and rituals. We like to be able to forecast ahead and make plans, know where we are headed and how we will get there. And the situation with the coronavirus has thrown all of that out the window.

 Not only people concerned about their health and  the health of their loved ones but this situation brings up other issues as well.

  • Anxiety— When we are worried and concerned about money, health, what will become of the world, our body responds to those anxious thoughts by creating a flight/fight response. This can cause anxiety or panic attacks, interfere with our sleep, digestion, and leave us feeling either wired up and on edge or exhausted. I can teach you tools for remaining calm, maintaining a positive mindset and handling the challenges that arise with ease and confidence

  • Unhealthy coping mechanisms-- People like to feel good. They don’t like to feel bad. When anxious, uncertain or fearful, we will often gravitate towards unhealthy coping mechanisms as a way to make ourselves feel better. Whether it is using food, drugs, alcohol or distracting ourselves with our screens. These coping mechanisms can contribute to our challenges. I can help you to find healthy, positive outlets for dealing with your emotions and  enhance your self control and self discipline. 

  • OCD and other ways to try and “control”—When we feel that there are areas of our life that are out of control (and with the virus, there are many) it is a natural instinct to try and find something we CAN control. This can result is obsessive thoughts and rituals that leave us feeling overwhelmed. I can help you to distinguish between what is within your control and what isn't, find ways to let go of that which is beyond your control and focus on solving the challenges that are within your capacity to influence.

  • Loneliness – Being required to isolate may mean, for some, losing touch with people and supports that are valuable to them.I can help you to make social connections and/or find ways to be at peace with being by yourself.

  • Inadequate coping mechanisms—It is easy to take care of our needs when they are few. But as more and more stressors are added to our lives, and fewer ways of relieving those stressors remain, many people find that they either DON’T have ways to cope or the coping mechanisms they have are inadequate. I can help you find healthy coping mechanisms

  • Adapting to change and dealing with the unknown-- People tend to love consistency and predictability. The virus has changed the way we live our lives, forcing us away from what is familiar and known. This situation is causing us to have to adapt--to find new ways to work, make money, socialize, interact with our families. ON top of the worry and fear this situation can create we are also having to get creative, innovative and resourceful. I can help you think through the challenges that arise and find solutions to the problems that present.



And of course there are many more challenges you may be experiencing as a result of this pandemic.

I am here to help!


Typically my practice consists of doing Hypnotherapy to help people with challenges such as insomnia, anxiety, stress, depression, OCD, trauma and behavioral change. And I can certainly help with those challenges as they arise.


But I am also here if you need:

  • A safe place to vent or share concerns—When people are under stress they sometimes need someone to share their load with. When those around them are also feeling stressed, it can seem as though there is no one to talk to. People often don’t want to “burden” those close to them or feel that others already have enough to deal with. I am happy to be here for you if you need a place to go to so you can discuss what is going on for you

  • Tools for being more resilient, grounded and optimistic – My work as a Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist and research as a Hypnotherapy instructor has given me a broad range of tools to help you feel calmer and more confident and at ease during this challenging time. I am happy to walk you through practicing those tools


You do not have to deal with this on your own. If you need help, support or someone to talk to, please reach out.


While we are living with the virus, I am offering reduced  rates and a limited number of weekly Pay-what-you-can sessions. Ask about these options!

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