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Personal Growth Seminars

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All seminars are held via Facebook Live. "Like" my Facebook page to stay on top of events 

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Do you have a negative voice inside your head?
Do you struggle with treating yourself kindly?
Do you feel like you love others more than you love yourself?

Self love is so crucial to our success in all areas of life!
Without it we don't go after what we want, we don't put ourselves "out there" and that means missing out on opportunities, relationships and meaningful life experiences.

In this seminar, we will look at why we get off track in the self love department and I will give you 5 easy to use but wonderfully effective ways to step up your self love.

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Do you have a downright nasty voice inside your head?

Do you tend to put yourself down, dwell on past failures or mistakes and beat up on yourself?

Do you tend to talk yourself out of things?


In this seminar we will be talking about where this negative voice comes from and I will be providing you strategies for shifting that negative voice from foe to friend.


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