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A comfortable birthing IS possible!


There are several applications for working with a pregnant woman using Hypnotherapy in preparation for birthing.

Many people are unaware that the very first use of Hypnosis was for pain control. Prior to the development of anesthetic, Hypnosis was used as the pain control for serious surgeries such as amputations.  There are many, documented cases that prove hypnosis is effective as pain relief.

Consider that! If a person could block out the pain that must surely have existed having an amputation with no pain control, then we have a great capacity to alter the way we experience sensation!

Aside from pain relief, probably the most common use of hypnosis in birthing is to reduce stress and pain associated with birthing. Stress can exacerbate pain due to the tightening that occurs when we are stressed. By reducing a woman’s fears around birthing and parenting I can help her to have a more comfortable birthing experience.

When a woman can go into the birthing experience feeling confident, calm and ready for anything, she is much more likely to have a swift, comfortable birthing experience.

I offer a 6 session birthing package that will help YOU have the calm, peaceful birth that you desire.


Studies show that women who use Hypnosis for birthing:

  • can reduce or eliminate the need for pain medication

  • Are able to remain conscious and involved during the birthing

  • Are calmer, more relaxed and, therefore, more comfortable

  • Have a much quicker birthing (first stage can be shortened by several hours)

  • See birth as a natural process, not a medical intervention

  • Have a greater sense of being an advocate for themselves during the birthing. Have a greater sense of control and empowerment

  • Tend to have calmer babies (born without trauma!)

  • Tend to have healthier babies with higher Apgar scores

  • are less likely to have interventions

  • have fewer birth complications

  • have a lower rate of post partum depression

  • tend to have a shorter hospital stay

  • rate their birthing as more satisfactory



Uses of Hypnosis for Childbirth:

Prior to birthing:

  • Eliminate morning sickness

  • Encourage and reinforce good nutrition and healthy lifestyle

  • Pre-natal bonding

  • Address mom’s fears regarding birthing, parenting, relationships, past birthing experiences, past hospital experiences etc.

  • Deal with anything that may come up as a result of doctor’s appointments, comments from friends and family, media etc

  • Turn the baby from the breech position

  • Set up triggers for calmness and relaxation

  • Develop a conditioned response of relaxation with the music

  • Develop trust in body’s natural ability to birth

  • Balance hormones and emotions

During birthing:

  • Control sensation of contractions (surges)---pressure hardening or tightening

  • Reduction or elimination of pain medication

  • Warp time so contractions go by quickly but time in between for recovery slows down

  • Set up Tools for relaxation (music, partners voice, hospital air, breathing, imagery)

  • Desensitize to hospital sounds or language

  • Visualization of the birth, seeing the baby etc.

After birthing:

  • Aid in recovery

  • Get back into shape more easily

  • Aid in developing restorative sleep problems

  • Increase confidence in handling parenting responsibilities

  • Aid in nursing

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